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Dry rot: it’s every building owner’s worst nightmare. Scientific name Serpula Lacrymans, dry rot is a destructive fungus that can move through plaster, concrete, brickwork, and wood to cause extensive damage to buildings.  While it’s challenging to repair dry rot once it’s started, you can stop it before it begins. At Deck and Balcony Inspections, […]
Imagine this: a tenant is walking down the stairs outside your building when they trip and fall. The tenant breaks their arm, and now they’re filing a premises liability claim against you.  This is every landlord’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, it’s also a preventable situation. While there’s no way to avoid all slip and fall accidents, […]
According to recent estimates, there are more than 40 million decks in the US that are 20 years old or older. While most of them were built before balcony code requirements were required by states, many have not been updated or repaired in years.  This creates a dangerous situation for residents, tenants, building owners, and […]

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