Interactive Reports

A typical inspection report (pdf) can contain 50 to 100 images along with text descriptions in the “Findings” section of that report. Our reports begin with a color-coded Summary page that provides an easy-to-understand overview of the status of all decks, balconies, walkways, and entries in your facility.

the 4-tiered color-coding system provides you an overview of how many structures fall into each category.

No problems found.

Maintenance is recommended.

Repairs are required as soon as possible.

Immediate action is required.

Each color-coded icon on the Summary page links directly to a detailed report for that structure.

Sample Summary Report

Clicking on a specific color-coded icon opens the detailed FINDINGS report for that structure

Sample Inspection Findings

As you complete any of the required repairs or recommended maintenance, provide us the details so that we can update your report. Because of the interactive nature of our software, your reports will always have the most current version of data you need to make financially informed decisions about managing your property, as well as a detailed record keeping strategy that demonstrates your adherence to SB-721 requirements.

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