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If you own or manage an apartment building, condominium, or other multi-family structure in California, you’ve probably been affected by one of the state’s several deck and balcony laws. If you’re like most building owners and property managers, you likely have questions about these bills, how to comply with them, and what the inspection requirements […]
Did you know that Berkeley, CA has its own deck and balcony law? While this law, known as the Berkeley Exterior Elevated Elements Inspection Program (or E3, for short), is similar to SB-721, it’s a different law with a separate set of requirements. The deadline to comply with the E3 program was May 31, 2022.  Did […]
In 2018, the California Senate signed Senate Bill 721 “SB 721” into law. The bill focuses on Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE for short) and imposes stringent safety and inspection standards for decks, balconies, and walkways – all with a deadline of January 1, 2025.  Here at Deck and Balcony Inspections, Inc., we conduct SB 721 […]
If you serve on the board of a residential homeowners’ association (HOA) in California, it’s important to understand the requirements of California’s balcony laws, including Senate Bill 326 “SB 326” (Davis-Stirling Act | Civ. Code § 5550 )At Deck and Balcony Inspections, Inc., we help California HOAs remain compliant with California’s balcony laws by conducting thorough SB 326 […]

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